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I researched how CEOs deal with sustainability issues. I have shown what is done differently in those businesses that address sustainability. My 1991 paper. In brief, they align the social order to deal with the issue. While my MBA helps, this is far more useful.

Broad Implications
I realised that in a business sense, sustainability issues are of a broader family of obligatory and externally imposed (OEI) issues. That is, corporate leaders will not bother to deal with OEI issues unless they have to. This is because they do not directly contribute to their primary concern - to increase shareholder value. Other issues that fit this OIE category are quality, affirmative action and other subjects that business leaders find they must deal with to satisfy regulation, customer expectation, or public pressure.

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Read The Sustainable Way to get a quick understanding of my findings.

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  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Literature Review: Sustainability Discourse
  • Chapter 3 - Theoretical Foundation for Method
  • Chapter 4 - Method
  • Chapter 7 - Conclusion: Challenging Old Myths / Creating New Myths
  • Chapter 8 - Reflections on Research
  • Bibliography

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