Aligning individuals and culture with objectives

Before an organisation can achieve excellence, it is necessary for the leader to achieve an alignment between themselves and their organisation. This is a personal service that evolves into an organisational service, where all staff are aligned with the organisation and objectives.

We can provide some coaching at your work place, but find it worthwhile to get away to a fresh environment. Those who we feel will benefit from the process can participate in a program conducted at our facility in South Melbourne.

Holistic Recruitment Appointment Integration
In those cases we help our clients select individuals, we conduct in a series of post appointment mentoring. We find that this contributes to the alignment of individuals with teams and organisational objectives.

Based on Practical Research with CEOs
Our research led to the development of a framework to address four components of culture. Our philosophy is to help teams to understand their culture and then help individuals align with that culture. The four components are:

  • Rights that people feel they have in the organisation
  • Duties that people feel they are obliged to perform
  • Morals that guide the way people behave
  • Actions that people are expected to engage in
We notice that organisational initiatives often fail to occur because too many people simply assume they have rights to ignore new initiatives or what the rest of the people are doing. This is the first thing we address, because in realising the truth about their rights individuals begin to see the path forward more clearly.

Chief executives have told us that they themselves had to go through this process before they achieved the organisational alignment that was needed to reach their objectives. So, this is not a service that starts with sorting out recalcitrant staff. We help senior managers sort themselves out and then sort out their team members.

Help for Those Who Want It
If you are drawing a salary for what you do then you have an obligation to do your job right. Call me if you want to achieve this sort of alignment. I can help you.

Dr Lionel Boxer
0411 267 256

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