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Where this Idea Came From
My looking at the triple bottom line (TBL) came from a discussion with Prof John Dalrymple, regarding my MBA leadership thesis. Also, my listing in The International Who's Who of Quality in 1993 resulted from a number of articles, such as Using TQM to Reduce Environmental Pollution.

Enrollment in PhD Program July 1999
Prof Dalrymple considered my interest over several months and invited me to enroll in a PhD research program.

Positioning Theory
From a discussion with Dr Ian Ling, of the Education Faculty of Melbourne University, it appeared to me that his recent PhD thesis would be an interesting foundation.

Thesis Submitted May 2003
Using Positioning Theory to understand how senior managers deal with sustainability.

My Educational Backgroud
I graduated from Industrial Engineering in 1982 from Ryerson Polytechnic Unversity in Toronto Canada, after spending three years at the Royal Military College of Canada. In 1998, I graduated from the Masters of Business Administration from RMIT.

My Business Background
I have been consulting since 1981 as an independent and a member of international consulting firms. My cv fills in the details. My consulting business is Intergon -- my card.

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