client's reactions to our work
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Prof Sabu John, Program Director, RMIT Engineering (2005)
"The quality of (Lionel's) presentation aids and course notes have been appreciated. Students also enjoy the faciliated adult learning style of Lionel's classes. He encourages teamwork and the development of presentation skills ... former students have referred Lionel's classes to those starting the program."
Mark Karklins, Director Wharington (International) Pty/Ltd (2005)
"... Lionel ... was instrumental in gaining the confidence of the employees to enable them to understand and embrace the process with them ultimately accepting the need for the change process. The major cultural shift that Lionel achieved was the understanding that teamwork and co-operation were needed to obtain a quality product. An integral part of that change was the introduction of a management system that allowed the company and the employees to monitor the success in a meaningful statistical manner."
Graham Collier, Partner KPMG (1992)
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Robert Ades, CEO, Carnbrea (2006), OpMgr, Sidchrome (1992)
"you are to be credited with a great deal of our success in developing the Sidchrome business. Certainly, you set us on the right road and planted the seeds of a new way of thinking ... your success in working with and training our people is manifest in the fact that they are generally convinced that they did it all themselves."
Mario Migliazza, Plant Manager, Alcan Canada (1986)
"The positive results that have been obtained over the past fifteen months is a definite indication that the contracting of your services was an excellent decision."
David George, Vice President, Amsco Canada (1986)
"The results of the office layout portion of the work was especially satisfying in that we have a much improved work environment, eliminated the need to renovate ... The savings in this portion more than justifies your fees."