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Dr Lionel Boxer
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Lionel's cv provides further details. Briefly:

Doing sustainability; developing, implementing and executing sustainability plans through the establishment of an organisational mood to support sustainability.

Since 1981, Lionel has been involved in the development, implementation and execution of quality, environmental and safety (QES) plans. With the collective support of organisations, he has facilitated workable management systems commensurate with the QES risks. Harnessing continuous improvement and re-engineering, Lionel has enhanced systems and formalised agreed procedures in documented management systems for certification to appropriate standards. Lionel has developed a practical framework for aligning the underlying mood of an organisation with the issues at hand.

To complement his ability to develop, implement and execute QES plans, Lionel has developed competencies in:


  • Creating QES cultures
  • Positioning for Change
  • Making quality happen
  • Continuous improvement / TQM
  • Dramatic change of process
  • Training needs analysis

  • Triple Bottom Line / sustainability
  • ISO9000, ISO14000 and other standards
  • Intranet development
  • Moving towards leadership and teams
  • Facilitating (office and factory) layouts
  • Materials handling and logistics

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