services to enable the implementation of productivity improvement
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This page is an archive - I have Not offered consulting services since 2008.

We fill critical gap in the consulting marketplace. Strategy consultants do not implement their proposals for their clients, while other firms confuse implementation of change with blind application of prepackaged methodologies.

We provide a realistic expectation of delivering hands on implementation of business process refinement, system development, and change. Whilst we have conducted strategic planning and helped clients establish vision and policy, our strength has been in the implementation of a broad variety of change, such as:

  • Creating cultures of continuous improvement
  • Making quality happen
  • Dramatic change of process
  • Facilitating (office and factory) layouts
  • Materials handling and logistics
  • Integrated BMS - quality, OH&S & environment
  • Triple Bottom Line / sustainability
  • Positioning for Change
  • Coaching, leadership and teams
  • Training needs analysis and course development
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    These services are all assembled around our core interest of refining processes and developing business management systems. We define context then identify risks. We have capabilities in technology, process, business and organisational socio-psychology.

    We accomplish this through sound leadership capabilities. We respect people and draw them into our work, which always results in significant skills transfer. Our clients agree that they acquire additional intellectual capital, in the form of staff with better skills and established procedures, and a documented and controlled system.

    Some of our clients' testimonies. Consider interim management.