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Multinational Alliance for the Advancement of Organisational Excellence

4th International Conference - Melbourne 2003

Explanation of Why MAAOE is being run by Intergon

RMIT has recently suffered severe financial difficulties. Understandably, this led the Business Faculty of RMIT to decide not to conduct MAAOE 03. We view that these steps were part of a responsible and necessary financial management process. We make no criticism.

Rather than see MAAOE 03 be cancelled, Intergon has offered to run the conference and accept all business risks. We seek to facilitate the conference. We do not seek to enter into the raging debate. We support the RMIT Vice Chancellor and other incumbents. We apologise for raising the issue, but feel it is necessary to stop rumours amongst prospective conference delegates. This arrangement is purely to enable MAAOE 03 to occur. In principle, MAAOE 03 is being run as planned at MAAOE 02.


MAAOE 2003
***Intergon 20-22 October 2003
Dallas Brooks Convention Centre
Melbourne, Victoria, 3002, Australia