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leadership for productivity improvement
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"Leadership is an army you have to enlist in. You can't get drafted into leadership -- you can get drafted into management."
Rayona Sharpnack
founder and president
The Institute for Women's Leadership

Want to learn about leadership? Read 'Leadership in Management', a paper presented to the Australian Institute of Management by Sir William Slim in 1957

In the Reader's Companion to Military History, only one general from WWII holds a spot in it's Top Ten Generals in History: William Slim. I was so intrigued by his inclusion, and the exclusion of Patton, Eisenhauer, Montgomery, Rommel, Manstein, and Koniev. Who was Slim?

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leadership Action Verbs

Intergon's contribution to the Telstra CEO's Leaders Program.

Leadership is a personal art that another is unable to define for you.
To be a sculpter requires the sculpter to start sculpting.
Like any art, leadership requires you to practice leading.
Leadership problems are an indication that people are not leading.
Start leading and leadership problems will gradually disappear.
With practice at leading there will be only leadership solutions.