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where Intergon has come from:
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This page is an archive - I have Not offered consulting services since 2008.

Intergon has provided services in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia since 1981. From 1981 to 1990, focus was on integrated-ergonomic services to ensure offices, factories and warehouses were designed to optimise space. This service included traditional industrial engineering functions, such as work study, materials handling and layout, and was complemented by ergonomic scientists and interior designers.

Development Through Alliances
Through alliances and ongoing training, the capabilities of Intergon have broadened to include strategic planning, environmental management, business system development, open system programming, marketing and franchising. Since 1987, Intergon focused increasingly on quality, environmental, safety and risk management, while maintaining capabilities in its core strengths.

Current Capabilities
Intergon can bring focused experience to your business through an arrangement that best suits your structure, budget and in-house competencies. Skills transfer has always been a hallmark of Intergon services. So, our work contributes to the development of your staff as individuals and team members.

Intergon was founded and continues to be led by Dr Lionel Boxer. Lionel was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has Australian citizenship by decent. Lionel spends most of his time in Australia, where the bulk of his current clients are.

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