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Intergon has been contracted to provide a wide range of services ranging from working with individuals to collectives. We have produced training programs to develop individuals, project plans for organisational change, and international conferences. In all cases, we have taken a hands on approach in all phases from research and design through to implementation, execution and on going development. We take responsibility for what we have helped our clients develop to the point that we jointly elect they are competent to progress on their own.

In many of our engagements we have provided coaching services as we have transferred specific skills. We have seen individuals grown and develop through the course of our work with their employers. This coaching has been a useful bi-product of our technical engagements and also offered as a separate service.

Our work typically contributes to implementation of initiatives that do contribute to the bottom line in a most positive way. We contribute to the execution of plans where our support is required, but we realise that changes are best put into action by teamleaders. To gain further leverage, we see value in an appreciative approach.

Over the past 20 years, we have observed that there is a problem in many organisations, that obstruct the development and successful implementation of needed change. We can help you to resolve that problem. This requires working with people and accept their limitations (this refers to people at all levels); leadership is about helping people to do the right thing and sometimes that requires leader's time. We provide coaching for leadership development to help prevention and cure.