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1995 inaugural Telstra CEO’s leaders program Click here to read about my book The Sustainable Way
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In 1994 Robert Barclay and Lionel Boxer developed the Telstra CEO’s Leaders Program. Robert had conceived a context and process that offered pragmatic learning and delivered development results aligned to current and emerging business realities. About 200 customer facing staff members were selected from across Australia. After initial sessons were presented to groups of about 70 participants each in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, facilitation of team based process improvement groups continued throughout 1995. Each team benefited from a national manager to run interference against any recalcitrant elements that attempted to obstruct improvement progress.

Creativity was stimulated through some teambuilding exercises. Leadership lessons were introduced and participants learned through experience. Rather than foreign case studies, context specific examples were worked through during introduction of the Telstra continuous improvement methodology.

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Participants developed leadership ability and applied the Telstra continuous improvement methodology to real projects. Telstra benefited from about 20 teams of well focused and resourced enthusiastic appreciative thinkers. Management systems improved. Shareholders received increased value in their business.

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The following year graduates of the program facilitated the program.
Skills transfer took place on several levels.

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