Read the The Sustainable Way to
Harness Hope to Achieve Sustainability

buy the sustainable way An international initiative is underway to make a massive transition from the unsustainable present to a sustainable economy and ecology of organizations, societies and cultures. This initiative is Business as an Agent of World Benefit (BAWB). For this to happen it is necessary for senior leaders to establish an underlying mood that is aligned with sustainability and able to harness hope. Local efforts -- such as this in Toronto on 14 Sep 2005 -- result in an aggregate of global action. It draws on Professor David Cooperrider’s theory and practical methodology of Appreciative Inquiry:
  • A theory, because in one way AI is a theory used in the pursuit of knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • A practical methodology, because in another way AI is a framework of designing, initiating, implementing and executing of change initiatives.
One tool that can help to guide leaders to understand the opportunity presented to humanity by the BAWB initiative is Dr Lionel Boxer’s The Sustainable Way.

The Sustainable Way turns theory into practice.

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