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We are committed to help you deal with quality if you want to make it happen.

First we help you to realise that the biggest problem with quality is not what you do not know about quality. Rather, the biggest problem with quality is what you think you know about quality (from Crosby, P.B. 1979, Quality is Free).

Second we work through examples in your business to demonstrate that investment in dealing with quality will be paid back many times. That is, if you prevent problems from happening you will not need to detect if they occurred and then resolve them. That saves money - especially if you consider that problems recur. Our clients recognise our hands on experience in helping to make quality happen. For example:

In 1988 we invested $35,000 of one client's money to help them derive a $200,000 annual saving within a few months. Their well-known and widely-used product continues to be manufactured and they have earned millions of dollars in raw material and scrap removal savings since. Furthermore, the $35,000 invested was largely the cost of the salaries for their senior managers, subordinate managers, and employees to learn about quality. Read more.

Third we build on success to help overcome reluctance to deal with quality. Often this reflects their belief that this is common sense and beneath them. Robert Anton Wilson explains that common sense and intellectual laziness are the same thing; common sense is the tradename of the firm.

My unique perspective to help you is based on 20 + years of very effectively helping some organisations to deal with quality and my study of CEOs in companies that are known for dealing with issues such as quality. I earned a PhD for being able to articulate why some organisations are able to deal with issues and others are not. I demonstrated that those CEOs who do deal with these issues challenged themselves, their subordinate managers, and all employees to deal with quality.

You do not have to deal with issues, neither do you have to succeed in your business. You can continue to hide your mistakes in containers and dump them in the ocean or watch your products fail and even kill customers. Survival is not obligatory (Deming).

If you are drawing a salary for what you do then you have an obligation to do your job right. Call me if you want to make quality happen. I can help you.

Click here for my PhD findings in a short novel Dr Lionel Boxer
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Three important messages from Crosby, PB (1996) Philip Crosby's reflection on quality: 295 inspirations from the world's foremost quality guru, McGraw Hill, NY
  • No. 83 "Once you put on a suit no one tells you the truth anymore".
  • No. 181 "The problem is usually the process".
  • No. 201 "Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organisation, not part of the fabric".

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