Personal Alignment Services

Intergon provides a variety of personal service, where we help people to align with their organisation and objectives. We help to sort out the four components of culture that guide people as individuals and team members:

  • Rights that people feel they have in the organisation
  • Duties that people feel they are obliged to perform
  • Morals that guide the way people behave
  • Actions that people are expected to engage in
Public Seminars @ $95
In addition to one-on one consulting and coaching, Intergon offers public seminars in the areas listed below and other areas.

Leadership Development
Intergon staff have extensive experience developing leaders in a wide variety of organisations. For example, we co-developed and presented the inagural Telstra CEO's Leaders Program in 1995. We work with individuals or in groups.

Executive Consulting
Intergon has worked with executives to help them to be determine the most effective and appropriate actions to take. We listen to goals and help focus on the most appropriate actions. Furthermore, we track progress and contribute to goals.

Lifestyle Consulting
Many people lack balance in their lives. We help clients to identify what is really important to them and to set and achieve lifestyle goals. Often, people who have achieved such a balance find they perform more effectively in their careers.

Career Coaching
Intergon can help people develop plans to achieve what they want to become. We listen to people's goals and help them to identify appropriate development activities and then we track their progress with achieving their goals.

Personal Development
We can help people to identify and develop personal development goals. Perhaps these are related to current affiliation or perhaps they relate to future plans.

If you are drawing a salary for what you do then you have an obligation to do your job right. Call me if you want to make quality happen. I can help you.

Dr Lionel Boxer
0411 267 256

Intergon helps you to be your best!

In Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia since 1981
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