This promotion is a personal initiative to contribute to the Australian effort.
Chev Lionel Boxer CD KSJ

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Mother and Child Relief Foundation Charity

This charity was set up by HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic and his wife Princess Brigitte, to bring humanitarian relief to those victims of the wars in the former Yugoslavia, regardless of their religion or nationality. The charity's slogan is: "There are no borders in human suffering" UK Charity Registration No 286389

Purchase a case of red or white wine from Hugo Winery (McLaren Vale region) and proceeds will be distributed equally to:

  • Mother and Child Relief Foundation
  • the OSJ Australian registered charity for local causes

    Red - $110/case - blend: 50% Cab-Sav, 25% Shiraz, & 25% Grenache
    White - $125/case - blend: 80% Chardonnay & 20% Sav-Blanc

    Ordering Details. Send cheque made out to HUGO WINERY to:
    Click here to read about my book The Sustainable Way Chev Peter Wiltshire OAM KCSJ
    Vice Prior, Priory of Victoria
    PO Box 124
    St Andrews 3761

    Pickup. Central Melbourne after 20 Sep 2007.

  • This is an unofficial website and does not represent the Order
    Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem - Knights Hospitaller
    Chartered by King Peter (II) of Yugoslavia
    Grand Master: HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karageorgevitch
    Grand Prior of Southern Australia: H.E. Bailiff Victor J Techritz AM GCSJ