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Intergon Organisation Transformation Approach

Over the past 23 years, we have realised that change depends on aligning both culture and systems with business objectives. The strategy must be crafted to address this interdependency. Our preferred approach to helping our clients has been to interlace two parallel initiatives aimed at changing:

  • cultural context
  • systems
It is clear to us that if only one of culture or systems is dealt with then change will not be lasting. There must be a parallel change occurring concurrently. This is not to say that we need to be involved in both aspects. Often we work in partnership with existing projects especially when these are not delivering as promised.

Cultural Context. The culture provides the context within which everything happens. If there are dysfunctional interferences these must be resolved and new behaviour. Each organisation is different and requires an approach that harnesses the appropriate methods to diagnose, adjust and build cultural characteristics.

Systems. The systems provide the enablers for people to get on with what they know they must do. Information technology is perhaps the most significant systems issue. However, often simple changes to human interface can resolve dysfunctional dynamics. Organisational structure, people policy and leadership are often sources of interference. Understanding the core process of an organisation will provide insight into what needs to be addressed.

Steps to our integrated culture and systems long term transformation approach.

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